Mami Mentors: 5 Mother and Daughter Power Couples (And One Mother and Son)

It’s nice to know that Mami’s got your back, but when it comes to these powerful mothers and their children, the sky is the limit!

Here are five mommy mentors and the children who have benefitted from their wisdom:

1. Power Mommies: Jenni Rivera & Chiquis

Jenni Rivera & Chiquis Rivera

As Chiquis herself told us for the May issue of Latina, Jenni is her “ride-or-die bitch.” Eloquent as that may be, Jenni and Chiquis do share an incredibly close relationship based in their mutual respect and admiration of one another. As Jenni’s right-hand woman, Chiquis has helped her mother expand her musical empire and branch out into clothing design and acting and Jenni takes notice! She gives Chicquis a ton of responsibility when it comes to the family business and it shows. Chiquis has a natural mind for wheeling and dealing so it will be interesting to see where this partnership ultimately leads La Diva de la Banda and her familia!

2. Power Mommies: Paulina Rubio & Susana Dosamantes

Susana Dosamontes & Paulina Rubio

Susana Dosamontes is a well-known Mexican actress who has starred in over 50 telenovelas in her native country. Currently featured on El Juramento, Dosamontes gave birth to daughter Paulina in 1971. The Mexican pop star has been singing, dancing, acting and performing since the age of 5 and as she likes to say, "I’ve been famous since I was born." Following in her mother’s footsteps, she starred in the 1988 telenovela Pasión y Poder as the villain Paulina Montenegro. Before launching her incredibly successful solo career, Rubio was a member of the teen pop band Timbiriche. Since then she has dropped ten albums, including 2009’s certified platinum Grammy nominated Gran City Pop. Up next is a bilingual album.

3. Power Mommies: Bianca Jagger & Jade Jagger

Bianca Jagger & Jade Jagger

Nicaraguan fashion icon Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias caught Mick Jagger’s eye back in 1970, and the two were married just one year later when Bianca was four months pregnant with their only child, Jade.  Bianca lived a jet-set lifestyle and passed a love for fashion and glamour on to her daughter. For a woman who can count Andy Warhol among her earliest baby sitters, Jade grew up relatively levelheaded. A mother of two and a successful jewelry designer, Jade is currently the face for up-and-coming brand Eleven Paris, while her mother Bianca is a tireless advocate of human rights.

4. Power Mommies: Aaron Sanchez & Zarela Martinez

Zarela Martinez & Aaron Sanchez

Super chef Zarela Martinez can be credited with elevating Mexican food to posh new heights, not just in New York City, but across the country. The mexicana’s eponymous restaurant was a Big Apple staple for 20 years and though she shut her doors in 2010, her son Aaron has happily taken up the family trade. Zarela took after her own mother, Aida Gabilondo who wrote her the cookbook Mexican Family Cooking. Her son, celebrity chef Aaron Sanchez is a regular on the Food Newtork and his restaurants are critically acclaimed. Don’t count Zarela out just yet, she hasn’t ruled out reopening her famous eatery in a new location.

5. Power Mommies: Carolina Herrera & Carolina Herrera Jr.

Carolina Herrera & Carolina Adriana Herrera

Since her first full collection was shown at New York's Metropolitan Club in 1981, Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera has been a fixture on the fashion scene, consistently churning out classically feminine designs and winning critical praise for her clothes. Now, her daughter Carolina Adriana is getting in on the act. After making a documentary film about bull fighting, she became the full-time fragrance brand consultant in 1996 and the mother/daughter team have been expanding their brand together ever since.

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