Maluma is Putting Rumors to Rest That He's With Ricky Martin: "I Love Women"

Maluma is Putting Rumors to Rest That He's With Ricky Martin: "I Love Women"
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PSA: Maluma and Ricky Martin aren't dating. 

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The two stars recently released their new single "Vente Pa'Ca" and now rumors are swirling that the two are in a relationship. Maluma spoke with a Miami radio station and denied any romantic involvement with Martin. 

“I am not gay; I don’t have a relationship with Ricky Martin,” he said. "I love women."

Maluma did say that he had tremendous respect for the LGBT community but that people should be focusing on the music he is putting out and not his personal life. 

“People should focus on my foundation, my projects and everything positive and important that I am doing in Latin America and the around the world,” he said. 

Martin is actually dating Swedish artist Jwan Yosef and when he was asked about the rumors, he just laughed. 

“That topic makes me laugh,” he said. “It’s that one percent of people that transmit bad energy and that threaten your privacy. Simply it was a desire from the gossips to make news from something that is a lie. Like if being gay was a sin.”

He did sing Maluma praises and wished him nothing but the best. 

“He is a young talent, enjoying his professional success,” Martin said. “I felt very comfortable taping the music video with him.”

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We are glad these two cleared up the rumors and know everyone can move on.