Madonna Ready to Have Baby with Alex Rodriguez?

The world of Madriguez (that's Madonna and Alex Rodriguez, for those of you late to the game) is getting more bizarre by the minute. Sources have revealed to UK paper Daily Mail that Madge wants to have another child, this time fathered by her boy toy Alex.

"She thinks he's physically a great specimen. And if she is going to have another child, he would be the ideal man to bring one to her," the insider reveals. Um, does someone want to remind Madonna that she's fifty years old? We know homegirl is in amazing shape, but it might be time to give the ol' ovaries a rest. Not to mention, A-Rod may be a "great physical specimen," but is his IQ bigger than his shoe size?

We know Madonna is meticulous when it comes to choosing her baby daddies, and she put Alex through a series of vigorous tests before letting him into her, uh, inner circle.

Friends say she's broken it down into a five-point plan testing Alex's knowledge of Kabbalah, his views on money and fame, how much attention he pays to her, and—most important—how short of a leash he's willing to stay on. "When Alex says he is going to call, Madonna checks that he calls when he says he will," the source says.

Alex, for his part, seems to have no problem being whipped. After passing Madge's tests with flying colors, he put down tens of millions of dollars for a New York penthouse just two blocks from her Central Park West digs (the Daily Mail says his new pad is worth close to $80 million, but we've never heard of Manhattan real estate in that range), and even promised to build Madonna a his-and-hers gym complex nearby.

A-Rod has also completely emersed himself into Kabbalah: he's planning a "spiritual" trip with Madge to Africa, and has committed to authoring a series of sports-themed books touting Kabbalah to little boys.

"Alex knows that this is a difficult time for Madonna, especially as she has children," a source said. "He is completely into her and willing to be patient while she sorts everything out. All he cares about is just being close to her."

Seriously, we are on Madriguez information overload right now. If these two weren't known to be kooky, we would write all this off as idle, unsubstantiated gossip. But we know when it comes to Madonna and Alex Rodriguez, truth is definitely stranger than fiction.