Madonna Introduces A-Rod to Her Friends

If love is a battlefield, rebounding with a hunky baseball player fifteen years your younger may be the best weapon. And, since nobody plays war games better that Madonna, she's using her weapon—Alex Rodriguez—to her best advantage.

After devastating her husband Guy Ritchie by letting their son Rocco pose for photographers in a New York Yankee's t-shirt given to him by A-Rod, and parading her boy toy all over New York and LA, Madge has delivered a near-fatal blow to Guy by introducing Alex to their mutual friends.

The UK's Mirror reports that the singer held an intimate dinner party in her New York apartment for A-Rod and invited many of her and Guy's closest pals, including partygirl Ingrid Casares and producer Victor Calderone.

A source said, "it is a massive slap in the face for Guy and he really finds the whole thing quite embarrassing. As you can imagine, both he and Madonna share a lot of mutual friends who they still keep in touch with."

The source says it was one of those mutual friends who spilled the beans on his ex-wife's indiscretions: "Guy found out through one of them about this party and was pretty pissed-off about the whole thing. He thought it showed a great deal of disrespect to him so soon after the announcement of their break up."

Friends say this may be the last straw in the couple's messy divorce battle. "As a result, there's no love lost between Guy and A-Rod and the thought of [Alex] being introduced to all their mutual friends is just too much."

Well, we didn't think there was much love left to be lost between Madge and Guy, but we wouldn't be suprised if her recent behavior would kill any chance for an amicable divorce. Too bad they can't keep their kids and their friends out of the nastiness.