Madonna and A-Rod are "Bashert"

Before we get down to giving you the details of Madonna and Alex Rodriguez's latest exploits, allow us to announce the name that you, dear readers of, have selected as the couple's official nickname. Of the three choices (A-Mad, Madriguez, and Rodonna), the overwhelming number of votes went to...drumroll please...


Okay, now that that's out of the way, let's get on with the newest developments in the world of Madriguez.

In their new issue, OK! Magazine (by way of Jezebel) reports that A-Rod has stepped up his game and sent Madonna a 22-karat gold bracelet with a single charm reading "bashert," Yiddish for "meant to be."

We have just two words: Oy vey. Or maybe, Dios Mio. Alex needs to tame down his puppy-dog-in-love act if he wants this relationship to last long enough to warrant a nickname at all. Something tells us Her Madgesty doesn't do "clingy."