Lupita Nyong'o Explains Why She's "Thriving" in Upcoming "Star Wars" Role

Lupita Nyong'o Talks Growing Up a 'Star Wars' Fan & More Details on Upcoming Role
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Lupita Nyong’o has Star Wars fans itching for the film’s release.

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The 32-year-old MexiKenyan beauty stars Star Wars: The Force Awakens, out December 18, but the actress has kept mum about the specifics of her role.

Refinery29 asked Nyong'o about her characterMaz Kanata, a thousand-year-old pirate who owns a bar and holds a special power with her eyes.  Although director J.J. Abrams released these details in November, Nyong’o will only say that her character is “strong” and “has a colorful past”.

“My mother wants to know [the plot]. I haven’t even told my mother,” she said. “I haven’t told anyone. I enjoy keeping a secret, so I’m thriving on this. I’m thriving! I love it. It’s not hard at all.”

Nyong’o’s upcoming role came rather naturally, too. “I grew up watching Star Wars, yes. Star Wars would come on TV on public holidays when I was at school, so I related to  it as being time off from school, and we only had two channels of TV growing up so everyone watched it. Everybody knew about the galaxy far, far away.”

When asked if the attention compared to the buzz surrounding 12 Years a Slave, Nyong’o answered modestly: “I feel really honored to be a part of this. To play any small role in it is an honor and a blessing, and it’s something I just never dreamed of being a part of.”

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