5 Things You Never Knew About the Latino Mike Tyson: Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez is a biter—and not in the hot 50 Shades of Grey type of way. The Liverpool soccer player has been banned for 10 games for biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic. The Uruguayan athlete has admitted and apologized for his Mike Tyson-inspired ways. Here are a couple of other things you didn’t know about Suarez. 

1. Luis Suarez Banned 10 Games: This Isn’t His First Bite

This Isn’t His First Bite

In 2010, he was suspended for biting opponent, Otman Bakkal, in the shoulder. Perhaps, Suarez is an undercover bloodthirsty vampire or if he's a huge Mike Tyson fan. Whichever the case, never give him a shoulder to lean on. 

2. Luis Suarez Banned 10 Games: He's a Racist

He’s a Racist

The following year, Suarez was again suspended for racially abusing Senegalese player, Patrice Evra. "The insulting words used by Mr. Suarez included a reference to Mr. Evra's color," the English Football Association said in a statement. He’s such a great South AmeriKKKan. 

3. Luis Suarez Banned 10 Games: He's Not a Team Player

He Doesn’t Believe in the “Team”

Suarez doesn’t even play well with his teammates! He was suspended over an altercation with Ajax teammate Albert Luque over a failed free kick routine. We guess Suarez believes there is an “I” in “Team.”

4. Luis Suarez Banned 10 Games: He Was Raised By A Single Mother

He Was Raised By A Single Mother

Suarez is the fourth of seven brothers, who were raised by a single mom."I had a really hard time growing up," Suarez has said. You would think his mami would’ve taught him manners. 

5. Luis Suarez Banned 10 Games: He Was a Tween Drinker

He Was a Tween Drinker

During his preteen years he was more interested in partying and throwing back a few shots than shooting goals. It wasn’t until his youth soccer coach told him, "Either you train like your teammates or I will never pick you again," that Suarez shaped up. When you’re a tween drunk, you got problems. Perhaps, problems only biting human flesh can resolve.