Luis Fonsi Used to Sing A Cappella with This '90s Boy Bander


Luis Fonsiwhose name is hot for his hit "Despacito," has a secret to spill: He almost took the boy-band route instead of diving into the Spanish music scene.

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The singer spoke to AOL about his high school singing career, which, oddly enough, landed him next to NSYNC member Joey Fatone. The two attended Dr. Phillips High School in Orlando, Fla., where they showed off their singing chops in a chorus group.

“We would always take those songs and kind of do them but more in like a Doo-Wop or in an R&B version. We would start covering [the songs] ― back then it was Boys II Men's “End of the Road” and “On Bended Knee” and all those beautiful songs ― in four-part harmony a capella," Fonsi explained of the foursome group. "So we became a group and tried to get a really hip name.” Ultimately, he revealed that the teacher called them The Big Guys, which just stuck instead of getting a "cool" name, as they hoped.

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Surprisingly, too, Fonsi is still in contact with his former bandmates. "Those guys are my brothers – we still talk all the time. Joey went om to have an incredible career with NSYNC, and I decided to go the Spanish route."

What are the chances a throwback collab can take place? Watch more of Fonsi's discussion below: