Daily Chisme: Luis Fonsi Says Adamari Lopez's Book Is a "Personal Attack" and Inaccurate

Good morning chisme lovers! Grab your café and find out what we are buzzing about below:

- Adamari Lopez’s tell-all book, Viviendo, doesn’t exactly thrill her ex-husband Luis Fonsi. In her memoir, the Puerto Rican actress shares intimate life experiences about surviving cancer and divorce. During a recent television interview, Adamari revealed that Luis confessed to no longer being attracted to her. The couple divorced in 2010 and rumor has it that the main cause for the break-up was due to Fonsi’s infidelities.

Now, Fonsi is fighting back. He told the Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Dia, “I have put up with a lot and remained silent out of respect for her and myself,” he continues, “Interview after interview cruel things are being said that actually never happened.”

He also adds, “The story that is being told is very dramatic, incomplete, and not loyal to what actually happened…If I’m going to the press about this it’s only because I feel like this is a personal attack and I want to clear up the lies that are being said.”

Looks like the telenovela star has some real life drama to sort out! What do you think about Luis’ reaction?

- In case anyone still cares, some sources claim that J.Lo was beaming and “paid close attention on stage” when Ben Affleck accepted his Golden Globe for “Best Director” for Argo. Umm…can we finally cut this Bennifer stuff out? It’s so 2004.

- Prince Royce has officially dropped his lawsuit against Top Stop Music president and producer, Sergio George. The bachata singer was hit with a lawsuit from the record company for "breach of contract and unjust enrichment."

In turn, Royce filed a counterclaim alleging that the record company did not have full rights to his music since he was not exclusively signed to them. Reportedly George still plans to take legal action against the star. This should be interesting…