Belen Mozo Bares It All in ESPN The Magazine

Belen Mozo, 23-year-old Spanish star of the LPGA tour, recently posed for ESPN The Mag’s “Body Issue”, and claims she wasn’t nervous, just “really excited.”

“It's a challenge to portray beauty on the naked body, and they did it super well.”

Mozo credits her positive body image to her parents, who encouraged healthy eating growing up. “They would only allow us soda once a week, and there was never any candy at my house.”

Not just a fan of golf, Mozo also loved riding horses, playing basketball and running.

“I love that my body is in one piece. It's strong. It's fit. There is a sense of cohesion; I feel stable when I walk. I can trust my body: my knees are not going to bail on me when bend down. It's like I'm a big piece of muscle. There is hard work that I have put into my body, and I like that I can feel all of it.”

Check out Belen Mozo’s behind-the-scenes video, and let us know – what do you love about your body?