Lourdes Leon Shines In High School Production of 'Grease'

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Like mother like daughter? 


Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon stole the spotlight last week in her high school’s production of Grease.


The 17-year-old student rocked shoulder-length dark hair and showed off her dancing and singing skills as she took on the role of Rizzo at LaGuardia High School in New York City. 


“[She was] really good,” an eyewitness US Weekly of Leon’s performance. “She is a great singer, dancer, and actress and seemed completely comfortable on the stage. She also seemed like she was having a lot of fun with the part.”


And was mamá there to offer her support?  According to witness accounts, her 55-year-old mother and her father, Cuban fitness trainer Carlos Leon, attended the performance, but kept a low-profile. 


It appers that Leon is more than appreciative for her mother's support of her dreams. In the show’s program, her bio gave thanks to her parents "with all of her heart" for giving her guidance and love and supporting her passions wholeheartedly.


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