Louis C.K. Sparks Outrage With SNL Monologue

Louis C.K. Sparks Outrage With SNL Monologue

Louis C.K. knows how to take a show out with a bang. The leading comedian closed out the season of Saturday Night Live with a controversial monologue.

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Deadline reports that the jokester appeared in his usual attire — casual jeans and an old black t-shirt — but his jokes and jabs were new levels of offensive.

He began to explain how he was raised in the ‘70s and because of that, he’s only “mildly racist”. What starts out as a borderline harmless joke gets taken too far. Louis goes on to say he’s only slightly racist because if he sees a white kid in a hooded sweatshirt he thinks it’s an athlete. But if he sees a black kid in a hooded sweatshirt, he responds much differently.

Also about growing up in the ‘70s, the comedian reminisces about having a child molester living in his neighborhood. If he didn’t already offend the crowd, he most definitely got them with talking about how much criminals put on the line in order to get what they want. “It must be amazing for them to risk so much," he said.

He then continued by comparing eating his favorite candy to what he assumes a child molester feels. C.K. finishes it off with a sigh of relief. “Alright, we did it, we got through it,” he said. Guess he knew just how controversial his jokes were.

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Watch below and tell us what you think of Louis C.K.'s monologue: