LIVE BLOG: The Royal Wedding

6:42am: One last thought before I go off to comment on De Moda, which will be featured on Yahoo en Espanol, I don't know about you ladies, but this wedding has inspired me to want to be a princess in not only my own wedding, but in life in general! Be timeless, classy, regal, and FABULOUS!! xoxo

6:33am: As for the veil, instead of opting for a gaudy, at times, Cathedral veil, she chose a cascading finger-tip veil with a lace border, which is what I'm choosing to wear sans the lace! Her veil must be of silk material, which is why it falls so nicely. Trust me, I have tried on plenty and if you don't get the right material you will look like you're playing dress-up with a huge bulky piece if tulle sticking up out of your head - not very royal-like.

6:30am: Also, with her body frame being more on the athletic/ straight side, this was a perfect choice as it compliments her upper body by being sleek and form fitting on top and the A-line cut on the bottom doesn't overwhelm her lower frame yet still gives her some nice curves - perfection!

6:29am: As the ceremony continues, I NEED to go back to her dress. I absolutely love her choice of dress. The lace floral applique on the sleeves and neckline make this A-line dress timeless yet modern as she stayed away from a big poofey princess gown like Princess Diana wore.

6:18am: As they kneel to pray, Kate's train is perfectly long. It is not over-doing it with a 50 ft. train, it is just long enough to give an elegant impression.

6:15am: They have just said their "I Do's" - how romantic! I have been contemplating if I should write my own vows or keep it simple!

6:11am: Kate has been unveiled and has kept her make-up very simple, her hair down, and a lovely pair of diamond pear drop earrings.

6:10am: I must say, on a sidenote, Queen Elizabeth looks FAB, it seems like she doesn't continue to age - kudos to her.

6:08am: And she arrives to the alter!! It seems as if Prince William is blushing as he should be, she looks amazing!!

6:05am: Kate is walking down the aisle with her father, I can't even imagine what  the feeling is like. Besides becoming a princess, it is very emotional and beautiful as she heads toward her husband-to-be.

6:02am: As people speculated, Kate is wearing a design by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, and while the dress is very classic it is a statement of being modern.

6:01am: Kate has come out of the car looking absolutely stunning! Very Grace Kelly inspired!

5:57am: Gosh, I wish I could have a glass bentley to transport me to my wedding.

5:56am: Kate's sister, Pippa, and flowergirls look so sweet and lovely. Yes, the flower girls should be wearing a floral headpiece.

5:53am: She is also wearing a tiara. Ahh! So exciting, I mean, it's a huge deal that she is becoming a princess!

5:51am: So we caught a glimpse of Princess-to-be Kate Middleton wearing a beautiful long-sleeved lace gown and she chose a veil! I'm happy she didn't go with the flowers, in my opinion that didn't say Royal to me.

5:48am: As the names get more prominent, the hats get bigger! Some get a little "Ga-Ga" for me, but I'm loving them! It makes me want my bridal shower to be Royal Wedding theme. That would be fun having all the ladies with fabulous hats!

5:40am: Hey everyone! So, I'm wide awake super excited as I watch the Royal Wedding unfold, Prince William (and ESPECIALLY Prince Harry) look super dashing! OMG, I could just imagine the anticipation from him!