Levi Alves McConaughey Looks "Just Like Matthew"

We can already tell little Levi Alves McConaughey is gonna be a heartbreaker. The newborn, whose mom is Brazilian model Camila Alves and dad is actor Matthew McConaughey, is reportedly already showing off his good genes.

"Levi looks just like Matthew," a friend of the couple tells OK! Magazine, adding that the little one has his dad's curls and his mom's dark hair.

Besides surefire good looks, Levi is also set to inherit his dad's love for athletics. Matthew's BFF Lance Armstrong (along with Lance's girlfriend and Matthew's frequent costar Kate Hudson) was one of the first to visit with the newborn, and pledged to teach Levi how to ride a bike. Private lessons from a seven-time Tour de France winner? Things just get better and better for this little boy.

But Levi is also teaching his father a few things--including how to be a responsible father. "[Matthew] is really getting into being a dad," the pal says. "He’s enjoying every second of it and is helping Camila out with diapering and bathing so that she has time to rest up and recover from the delivery."

If things keep going like this, we may revoke Matthew's title of Sleaziest Sort-Of Bachelor...and give it to A-Rod.