WATCH: Leopard Attacks An Innocent Piñata!

We’re not the only ones who enjoy some festive Cinco de mayo fun! It seems as though leopard Reno couldn’t wait until May to get in on some piñata hitting action.

Keepers at the Big Cat Rescue sanctuary in Tampa, Florida, decided to show some of their felines a fiesta and set them up with a brightly colored bird-shaped piñata. Quick to pick up to on the pastime, Reno wasted no time pawing at the swinging bird until he had it pinned to the ground ready to guzzle up the treats resting inside.

Fortunately for the piñata placed in the tiger’s pen, these big cats “pre-fur siestas” and the papier-mache animal was spared.

Think you could handle wrestling Reno for candy? Check out the video below!