Has Camila Cabello Been ‘Solo’ Longer Than We Thought?


Well, file this under strange news of the day. A year after Camila Cabello officially left Fifth Harmony, a new document was “leaked” on Twitter that claims the Havana singer really parted ways with the group back in 2015.

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In a “Notice of Withdrawal From the Fifth Harmony Partnership” document dated September 18, 2015, Camila supposedly signed off on the below statements:

“I hereby expressly notify you of my voluntary withdrawal effective immediately, from The Fifth Harmony Partnership (the 'Partnership') identified and described in the agreement. Be advised that I fully intend to remain in the group, but as an individual and not as a member of the partnership.

As some savvy peeps noted, the doc could be a big old fake. In one spot, Lauren Jauregui's name is spelled incorrectly and others doubt the former 5Her would ever sign a legal doc with an “xoxo.”

On the other side of the fence, believers in the paper’s legitimacy are pissed, creating the hashtag #CamilaCabelloIsOverParty and expressing their disdain:

Tbh, we’re not even really sure what this means. If the doc turns out to be legit, does it just back up the statement 5H made in December 2016 that they learned Camila was leaving the group through her representatives? Or, does it just mean that the girls probably had a super awkward year together?

Either way, maybe we should all just move on. Clearly, these ladies did and everyone seems to be doing just fine.

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