EXCLUSIVE: Laz Alonso Talks Travel, His Cuban Heritage, and More

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Do you think that you brought a unique perspective to this project because you are both Latino and black?

I think so! The fact that my family immigrated here from Cuba, and I'm a first generation American -- that's something that I always carry with here as far as the stories I tell. I was raised in a Spanish-speaking home. I was raised as a Latino in an American society. That always contributed to the lens in which I view life. 

How do you incorporate your Latino culture into your everyday life?

It's inevitable. I mean, I grew up in a Spanish speaking household. If I don't call home, that's the only time it's not part of my everyday life. When I'm away, when I'm at home in L.A., and I'm not with my family when they're cooking Latin meals, I'll cook something to make me feel close to home. Or, I'll go to a Latin restaurant to kind of have that taste you long for when you miss home. For the most part, I don't really think about it, because it's part of my DNA. 

What are some of your favorite Latin dishes to recreate?

I mean my dishes are always going to be Cuban. PaellaArroz con Pollo, Boliche. I love going to Miami. You can go anywhere and get an authentic Cuban meal. You can go to McDonalds and get an authentic Cuban meal there! 


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