EXCLUSIVE: Laz Alonso Talks Travel, His Cuban Heritage, and More

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From Wall Street to the red carpet, success comes easily to Cuban-American actor Laz Alonso. The Howard University grad left behind a lucrative career in investment banking to pursue his dream of acting. After landing roles in Avatar, Fast & Furious, and Jarhead, it seems the cubano made the right decision.

We caught up with Laz at Marriott Hotel's Travel Brilliantly event to discuss the future of travel, his favorite vacation destinations, his Latino heritage, and even his favorite Cuban dishes:

Tell us about the Travel Brilliantly campaign: 

Well, Travel Brilliantly reached out to me, because of a series that I did with American Airlines. Basically, we go all around the world and show how people of color have affected that country: how they helped out, historically or politically, or the design, the construction, the food. Basically, just how people of color have culturally that town, that city, or that country. 

What are some of your favorite places that you've traveled? 

We went to the Dominican Republic, Rio De Janiero, Sao Paolo. We didn't make it to Portugal, unfortunately, but it was on our list. We went to various places in the States, as well. The main goal was to go places and inspire people to travel, to inspire people to go places they normally don't go. Places where black people have gone before you, where black people have somehow affected the DNA of that culture. We wanted to show people that they have more in common with a lot of places than they have differences. Maybe the language is different, and outside of that you have a lot in common.

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