EXCLUSIVE: Laurie Hernandez on Meeting Zac Efron & Being Nicknamed 'Baby Shakira'

Interview: Laurie Hernandez on Gabby Douglas, Orgullosa, & Her Nicknames

Laurie Hernandez’s smile is a superhuman power. One look at her beautiful, pearly whites and all your qualms are gone faster than Usain Bolt. Hence a partnership with Crest and Orgullosa was a no-brainer. Why not sign up the girl with the best smile in the world? Done and done.

By winning the gold with her USA gymnastics team and nabbing silver for her individual performance on the balance beam, the 16-year-old New Jersey native easily became one of the Rio Olympics’ breakout stars. Speaking with Hernandez post-Olympics, she’s (obviously) all smiles.

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Congrats on all the medals and bringing glory back to USA Olympics. But what our readers want to know is: how was it meeting Zac Efron?

Oh man! It was amazing! Zac Efron is Simone’s [Biles] but I was the first to hug him so…

You exude a huge confidence in your floor routine. Are you just as bubbly outside of the gym floor?

[Laughs] Yes, I’m just as bubbly outside of the gym floor and on it. Being able to do something that I love and be at such a high level of gymnastics is just amazing. Now, I signed with Crest and Orgullosa and I’m able to show off my smile passionately too.

What else can you share about your partnership with Crest and Orgullosa?

We just started so I am so excited. Especially just turning pro in general. It’s something my coach and I have been talking about for a while. I turned 16 this year and I’m only a one-year senior, this is my first year of being a senior in gymnastics and I feel like I have a lot of high level gymnastics left in me. It’s one of the reasons I went pro.

One of your nicknames is the Human Emoji. Do you think it’s pretty apt?

I think it’s a pretty good nickname. My emotions kind of shine through my face so whatever I’m thinking is what I’m portraying as well. That nickname suits me because I’m able to show off my smile. It’s also where being a part of Crest comes in and being a Crest ambassador. And my favorite emoji is the one where it’s smiling really wide and the eyes are closed. [Laughs]

And another one is Baby Shakira. Are you a fan?

[Laughs] Yes, I love Shakira! Growing up we definitely heard a lot of her music.

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