Lauren Jauregui on Fifth Harmony's Sexuality & Feminist Stance


Lauren Jauregui has yet again spoken out on behalf of Fifth Harmony – this time talking sexuality and feminism.

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In an interview with Vulkan magazine, the singer discussed the groups "sexualized image" as it compares to their feminist mission. The 20-year-old fiercly argued, of course, that the two aren't mutually exclusive.

“We’ve reached millions of people all over the world who watch our interviews and listen to the message beyond the sexualization, which is to love yourself first and to understand your worth,” she explains. “A woman embracing her sexuality is something that shouldn’t be taboo.”

Previously, the star discussed the group's diversity, and encouraged all their #Hamonizers to find confidence within themselves.

Of course, Jauregui also added some comments on the political climate. "He’s a trained celebrity who understands how to manipulate people for profit; he uses these things to promote himself," she says on the POTUS. "I’m actually a huge fan of changing every single 'anti-Trump' sentiment to 'pro-human rights' because they are synonymous." Recently, the singer called Trump out for his hypocrisy with Syria, writing that he was "moved enough by innocent casualties to excuse bombing them, but not enough to accept refugees."

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Though young, the cubana isn't one to stand back amid criticism. So, will she keep defending herself and voicing her concerns? Absolutely. "Societies have been conditioned to believe that entertainers are just that, but I refuse to be put into the box of a puppet," the 5H member says. "I will continue to voice my concerns and knowledge about what is happening right now for anyone who needs this to feel stronger."