Lauren Jauregui Responds to Those Rumors That She Was Dating Camila Cabello

Lauren Jauregui Responds to Rumors That She & Camila Cabello Were in a Relationship
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What's the deal with Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello? According to rumors swirling on Twitter, their relationship is on very, very good terms, despite Cabello's recent split from Fifth Harmony.

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One Harmonizer stirred the pot regarding Jauregui and her alleged ex-girlfriend, Lucy Vives. Though the two reportedly broke things off last year, the two girls appear side-by-side in a sexy photoshoot together. "This is why Lauren hates Camren #LaucyPartyIsOver," the fan tweeted, inferring that Jauregui is now focused on her relationship with Lucy, instead of her rumored relationship with Cabello.

Jauregui quickly jumped on the opportunity to clear the air, tweeting back "no I hate it because it's invasive, scary, delusional, disrespectful to us both and was never real... Ever." It's evident that the singer is frustrated with the fan's claim, considering she was implying that the two 5H members were in a romantic relationship together, without any context whatsoever. According to PopCrush, this idea of "shipping" a relationship is nothing new, where fans fantasize about a romantic relationship between two TV characters, celebrities, or otherwise. In this case, "Camren" ("Camilla" plus "Lauren") was manifested out of the singers' friendship. Jauregui continued clapping back at fans in a separate tweet, writing "because you never quite become ok with people sexualizing you and your friendships for their sick pleasure. That's why."

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Though some are imagining the two together, others are speculating if they're actually feuding IRL. Recently, Jauregui tweeted a cryptic message that many are speculating may be geared towards her former bandmate. "Fake that confidence bih, one day it'll be real," she wrote. Regardless of the stars' current status, it's best to end the speculation and leave it to rest.