Latinos on the Official Royal Wedding Guest List

Ok, so we aren’t actually representing on the offical Royal Wedding guest list but there are a few Latinos attending this Friday and since we are obsessed, we just had to share who they were.

Queen Sofia of Spain
This is an obvious one really. Don’t all royals know each other?

The Deputy Prime Minister and Ms. Miriam Gonzalez Duantez
A Gonazalez on the list? We had to know who she was and it turns out the wife of the Deputy Prime Minister, Miriam Gonzales Duantez is a Spaniard, a lawyer and sicne 2009 the Vice-President of Canning House in London (the home of the Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Council—whatever that means exactly).

Mr. Mario Testino
As the official engagement photographer for William and Kate, we assumed that he would play a role in the wedding. The Peruvian photographer has a long history with the royal family, in particular with William’s late mother Princess Diana, as he shot her famous 1997 Vanity Fair photos.