8 Latino Web Series to Watch Right Now

In the digital world we live in, it's no surprise we have access to nearly everything online -- including some pretty cool shows we can easily watch on YouTube or directly on the show's site.

We've rounded up 8 Latino web series you chicas should be watching right now! Check them out:

1. Web Series: #CandidlyNicole

Candidly Nicole: Nicole Richie launched this new AOL series based on her popular Twitter feed and appropriately titled it #CandidlyNicole. The show deals with everything from tattoo removal to style tips to learning slang from her teen sister. You can watch the show right here.

2. Web Series: Christine

Christine: America Ferrera is the star of this web series which launched in 2012. The series is about a young woman who embarks on a night of speed dating to find her Mr. Right. It's a 12-part series you can catch on WIGS' YouTube Channel.

3. Web Series: East Willy B

East Willy B: This series is about a guy named Willy from Brooklyn who owns a bar catering to Latinos in a community on the verge of gentrification. “We set out to create a new American Latino sitcom, which speaks more to the realities of English-language Latinos in the United States,” said Julia Grob, producer and actress of the series. You can catch episode of Easy Willy B by clicking here.

4. Web Series: Illegal

ILLEGAL: ILLEGAL follows Sebastian, an illegal immigrant who had the dream of becoming a lawyer in America. After years of struggling to make it, he finds himself homeless and hungry, and breaking into a house one night in search of food. You can catch it all right here.

5. Web Series: Los Americans

Los Americans: Los Americans is about a middle class, Latino family, and it’s about a father who looses his job in a tough economy and how they have to turn their lives around and come together. Watch the groundbreaking series here.

6. Web Series: East Los High

East Los High: A new series on Hulu, East Los High is about family rivalry. Two cousins fall in love with the same guy and the drama turns up! You can catch East Los High by clicking here.

7. Web Series: Justice Women

Justice Women: This series stands out for so many reasons, but why do you need to watch? Because it focuses on what it means to be a modern Latina. Watch now!

8. Web Series: Ylse

Ylse: Ylse is a bilingual series about a talk show host looking to move up. She worships Oprah and is always looking to get more out of work and her relationships. Watch it now! We're sure you're going to love it.