Latino Sports Daily: Who Wins the Super 'Hot' Bowl?

Sure, it’s cheesy, but who doesn’t love dipping into a nice battle-off? With Super Bowl XLVI only two days away, you probably have your vote set on whether The New York Giants or the New England Patriots will earn the championship title, but which Latino pro NFL player deserves to win the ‘hot’ bowl? We have to admit that the criteria are based on ultimate athletic abilities, inspiring stories, and, yes, good looks.

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New England Patriots’ wide receiver Aaron Hernandez is known for being one of his team’s most adaptive players. The 22-year-old went from his Connecticut high school league to Super Bowl material in lightning speed. “Sometimes I still sit back and think how crazy it really is,’ expressed the Boricua to The Boston Globe.

Victor Cruz is also known for being a star player for The Giants, but it doesn’t seem like the success has gone to his head. The Boricua athletic, who wears jersey number 80, faced a lot of personal adversity (he lost his father in 2007) and suffered academically after transferring to the University of Massachusetts. He came out as an undrafted ‘free agent’ back in 2010 and was signed to the New York team that same year.  

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“It wasn’t one thing that made me realize that I had to get this straightened out, it was a multitude of things,” said Cruz in an interview for Yahoo! Sports. “So many things were happening at once, and I just realized I didn’t want to be a statistic, another guy from an inner-city who didn’t make it. I wanted to realize my dreams. To do that, I had to apply myself.”

We are definitely glad he did too. We think they are both winners, but now it’s your time to decide!