Latino Sports Daily: Johan Santana Has Impressive Start and More

- Spring training is in full swing as more and more players are stepping out onto the field for the first time since last season. Yesterday, New York Mets pitcher Johan Santana got off to an impressive start with two shutout innings against the St. Louis Cardinals. It was all anybody could talk about last night as the Mets had their first pre-season win. Let's hope things pick up for them! (Fox News Latino)

Victor Cruz's 5 Best Moments on the Field

- These days, it seems everywhere you turn, there's Victor Cruz. He cut the ribbon at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York City, he got an invite from Anna Wintour to the Met Gala in May, he's writing a memoir, and his is one of the best-selling NFL jerseys at the moment.

So what will he do with all the money that's sure to keep rolling in as his career rides this high? Buy his mother a house, of course. Aww Victor, you're so cute! (Fox News Latino)

Is Mark Sanchez Dating 'Sports Illustrated' Model Kate Upton?

- Where in the world is Mark Sanchez? That's the question on everyone's mind as more and more people notice that he's all but disappeared since the New York Jets played their last game of the season on January 2nd. According to his brother and business manager, Nick Sanchez, he's taking this as an opportunity to check in with himself and get refocused. It's just as well, since so many fans and even some of his teammates have been throwing a lot of criticism his way lately. (ESPN)