45 Signs You Live in a Latino Neighborhood

6. There are whole gardens on apartments’ fire escapes.

7. There are competing bodegas at almost every street corner Also, they’re way more than bodegas; people go there looking for employment, gossip, and potential mates.

8. Some women don’t mind walking around in their rollers after getting their hair done. 

9. Every day feels like the weekend, because the noise level is just ridiculous.

10. Speaking of the weekend, there’s no such thing as sleeping in if you live in a Latino neighborhood. That just doesn’t happen. Like, ever.

11. Ayyyy, dominoes. During the summer, that’s the greatest past time for men. They sit, slab domino pieces onto the table and laugh. And when women pass by, they ogle at their derrieres.  

12. Saturday mornings are cleaning days, without a doubt.

13. Cleaning happens fiercely on Saturday mornings, accompanied by the aforementioned salsa music blasting from stereos.

14. There's a tamale lady around somewhere - all the time.