Latino Hotties Who Love To Cook!

There's a lot of amazing things are Latin culture: the community, the traditions, the music, and of course...the food! These 11 hotties love Latin food so much, they like to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty en la cocina. Check 'em out: 

1. Latino Hotties Who Love To Cook: Leo Messi

Leo Messi: The captain of La Albiceleste can whip up a mean piece of steak in the kitchen! The footballer shed the sky blue and white, and donned an apron instead to prepare an incredible-looking meal. His girlfriend, Antonella Roccuzzo, is one lucky woman! 

2. Latino Hotties Who Love to Cook: Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez: It’s no secret that this adorable, dimpled Latino is a master chef! Lopez has released his own series of cookbooks, and frequently appears on television to show-off his cooking chops. He said in an interview, “I came to a point in my life where I realized my diet wasn’t what it needed to be. So I got more educated on cooking and food, so I could eat better. However, to this day, I love food and I’m not a calorie counter!” 

3. Latino Hotties Who Love to Cook: Benjamin Bratt

Benjamin Bratt: The hunky actor and father of two loves to spend time in the kitchen with his wife, Talisa Soto. “What I treasure most is time with my family,” he said, “...there’s nothing more rewarding than those treasured moments -- the down time, kicking a soccer ball, building a fire in the house or making a meal.” The actor even dished on his favorite meals: he loves to cook organic bison burgers topped with bleu cheese! Yum!

4. Latino Hotties Who Love to Cook: Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony: We all know that this New York Knick can score points on the court, but did you know he’s also a pro in the kitchen? His wife, Lala, dished on her hubby’s cooking skills: “Me and the kitchen, we’re not friends...but [Carmelo] actually loves to cook and is way better in the kitchen than I am. So when it comes to cooking at home, I leave it up to Melo.” 

5. Latino Hotties Who Love to Cook: Ryan Guzman

Ryan Guzman: Girls, are you ready for this? Pretty Little Liars hottie Ryan Guzman loves to cook for the ladies! When asked about date ideas, he said, “I like to cook too, so, I wouldn’t mind cooking a dinner and then bring it out to some scenic area. We would just have a lot of fun.” Turns out the heartthrob LOVES cooking traditional Latin dishes, like tripas, posoles, and his favorite, carnitas. Que rico! Ryan, feel free to cook for us anytime. 

6. Latino Hotties Who Love to Cook: Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal: The tennis champion revealed in his book, Rafa, that he loves to cook his own meals. “I enjoy [cooking], and my family thinks it’s good for me. Something else to help settle my mind. That night I grilled some fish and served some pasta with shrimps.” The athlete even posted an adorable picture of him grilling up one of his favorite dishes -- salmon! Delicious! 

7. Latino Hotties Who Love to Cook: Mark Sanchez

Mark Sanchez: Que guapo! Is there anything sexier than a man who gives back? Sanchez donated his time and talents to charity when he slipped on a chef’s jacket and helped prepare meals for 300 low-income children. Each bowl of pasta was prepared by the Jets quarterback and delivered with a high-five!  

8. Latino Hotties Who Love to Cook: Wilmer Valderrama

Wilmer Valderrama: Valderrama loves to channel his creativity on the screen AND in the kitchen! “A lot of my friends and I have cook days where we just go on the grill and invent and make up stuff,” he said. The actor says he favors Latin American cuisine, and loves to cook rice, yucca, and arepas. Que delicioso!

9. Latino Hotties Who Love to Cook: Laz Alonso

Laz Alonso: This hottie knows the secret to a kick-ass body: cooking healthy for yourself! He dished about his social life, “I’m more focused on working out, being healthy and cooking my own meals.” Feel free to cook for us too, Laz! 

10. Latino Hotties Who Love to Cook: Olivier Martinez

Olivier Martinez: Halle Berry’s part-Spanish husband is more than just a talented actor! Martinez also has a love of fine cuisine, and is co-owner of a restaurant in Miami, Florida that infuses South Beach culture with French Mediterranean dining. He recently shared one of his favorite recipes from the restaurant, and we can’t wait to try it at home! 

11. Latino Hotties Who Love to Cook: Adam Rodriguez

Adam Rodriguez: The Magic Mike hunk loves to cozy up to loved ones and cook with family during the holidays! “I always feel like I don’t see my family as much as I would like to so that’s why I especially love the holidays,” he told The Latin Kitchen, “In my house there’s always cooking going on and everyone is around the kitchen!”