Victor Cruz's 5 Best Moments on the Field!

People can't stop talking about New York Giant Victor Cruz! The Puerto Rican wide receiver—who is in his second year with the NFL—has been breaking records, scoring touchdowns—and even salsa dancing on the field. 

If he keeps up the good work, there's a good chance we'll see Victor at the Superbowl this year as our Latino "Giant." Here are five of Victor's best moments on the field. Watch and be amazed!

Introducing New York Giants Wide Receiver Victor Cruz

1. Victor Cruz 99 yd TD

99 Yard Touchdown

Victor Cruz broke records this season and one in particular was when he scored a 99 yard touchdown on December 24th in a game against the New York Jets. He is one of 13 players in the NFL to execute such a play. He takes off like wildfire and celebrates with some salsa dancing!

2. Victor Cruz One Handed TD

Awesome Touchdown

In this play, Victor Cruz scores a touchdown while being swarmed by defense! What an amazing catch!

3. Victor Cruz 74 yd TD

74 Yard Touchdown

In a game against the Dallas Cowboys, Victor Cruz ran 74 yards while jumping over opposing players. He also celebrated that touchdown with a little salsa dance.

4. Victor Cruz Salsa

Salsa Dance Touchdown

This proud Puerto Rican knows how to move and he definitely knows how to salsa dance. After every touchdown he makes, Victor Cruz gives the crowd a snippet of his Latin heritage by dancing in the End Zone!

5. Victor Cruz Highlights

2011 Highlights

Victor Cruz has had many highlights this season. Here is a collection of some of his best moments from earlier in the season.