10 Latino Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spin-Off

Last week, AMC announced that Saul Goodman, the fast-talking lawyer from the groundbreaking series Breaking Bad, would be receiving his own spin-off, Better Call Saul! The Internet exploded with enthusiasm, and we couldn’t be more excited to further explore the criminal underground of Albuquerque! But, it definitely got us thinking: who are some Latino characters that deserve their own spin-off? See our picks! 

1. Spin-Offs: Eva Longoria

Gabrielle Solis from Desperate Housewives

Eva Longoria’s spirited character Gabrielle Solis ended the series on a positive note: the sassy housewife earned a show on the Home Shopping Network and moved to a fabulous mansion in Los Angeles with her husband, Carlos. We think Gabrielle would fit in perfectly with the Real Housewives of Los Angeles, and we’d love to see a reality-TV-style comedy about her life as an entrepreneur and television host in LA. 

2. Spin-Offs: Jimmy Smits

President Matt Santos from The West Wing
We can’t be the only ones who wanted the The West Wing to continue just to see more of Jimmy Smits, right? The political drama ended just as the first Latino president took office, and we wish we could’ve seen a few more seasons dedicated to the challenges faced by the new president. Smits portrayal as the Mexican-American U.S. Senator who overcame all odds (and some fierce Republican competitors) to become the first minority president was profoundly moving and endlessly engaging. Combined with Aaron Sorkin’s witty dialogue and passionate monologues, you have a hit show that we would have watched for years after the original ended. 

3. Spin-Offs: Michelle Rodriguez

Ana Lucia Cortez from Lost
Michelle Rodriguez
played a fierce, assertive Latina cop from the mean streets of Los Angeles in the popular thriller. While we loved the scenes of her taking charge on the island, her backstory always fascinated us. Wouldn’t it be great to do a prequel that focused on Ana Lucia’s rough and tumble days in the LAPD? Her sass and dramatic background would make for some entertaining, action-packed television.

4. Spin-Offs: David Zayas

Angel Batista from Dexter

Dexter’s best friend, the brutally honest homicide detective Angel Batista, is the perfect person to lead a spin-off after the popular Showtime series ends its eight-season run this week. We would love to watch Batista, played by Puerto Rican David Zayas, pull double-duty as a Miami restauranteur and Lieutenant of the Homicide Division. 

5. Spin-Offs: Aubrey Plaza

April Ludgate from Parks and Recreation
Puerto Rican Aubrey Plaza plays a sarcastic intern for the Parks & Recreation department who eventually wins over the office (and the audience) with her cool sense of humor and secretly big heart. We don’t know about you, but we missed the cynical twenty-something when she momentarily left the office to visit Venezuela. When Parks and Recreation ends, we think Aubrey Plaza will be the perfect person to head the spin-off. 

6. Spin-Offs: Mario Lopez

A.C. Slater from Saved by the Bell:
We know what you’re thinking: it’s been done already! But really, can anyone ever get enough of Mario Lopez’s jock character A.C. Slater? We’d love to see his character as a grown man and father in a Girl Meets World-style spin-off where Slater mentors his younger daughter or son. Plus, we already have proof that Mario Lopez makes an adorable father! 

7. Spin-Offs: Sofia Vergara

Gloria from Modern Family

Sofia Vergara plays a loud but lovable housewife in this ensemble comedy. How funny would Gloria be as the host of her daytime housekeeping and parenting show? Even if ABC doesn’t launch a spin-off centered around Gloria Delgado-Pitchett, we’d love to see a web series devoted to the playful Colombian! Who wouldn't love to see a show filled with moments like this one

8. Spin-Offs: Sara Ramirez

Dr. Callie Torres from Grey’s Anatomy:

After a tumultuous several seasons, we think it’s time for Sara Ramirez’s character to take a step back from the drama of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. How about producers launch a spin-off where the strong, independent orthopedic surgeon moves away and starts fresh somewhere new with her daughter, Sofia

9. Spin-Offs: Naya Rivera

Santana Lopez from Glee:

Naya Rivera’s groundbreaking character, Santana, is definitely fierce enough to carry her own Glee spin-off.  Now that she’s moved to a city big enough to match her personality, we’d love to see her strike off on her own in NYC and pursue her dreams! 

10. Spin-Offs: Wilmer Valderrama

Fez from That 70s Show:

Fez, the goofy but charming foreign exchange student played by Wilmer Valderrama, could have easily carried his own show after That 70s Show ended its eight-season run in 2006. Flash forward ten years, and introduce a spin-off based on Fez’s life as a hair salon owner and husband to Jackie. And who wouldn’t love to see the adorably silly couple as parents?