Latino Celebs React to the Death of Steve Jobs

America lost an iconic figure in technology and business yesterday when Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Inc., died at 56. He'd been battling pancreatic cancer for years before his death was confirmed in a brief statement by the company. The former CEO of Apple was the mastermind behind its innovative gadgets and applications including the iPod, iTunes, iPhone and iPad.

Soon enough, his death became a trending topic on Twitter with many tweeting messages tagged #ThankYouSteve and #SteveJobs. Here’s what our celebs had to say about the sad news:  

Wilmer Valderrama: "Rare in a lifetime.. To witness a single man revolutionize technology and the way we carry on with life as we know it... RIP Steve Jobs."

Ricky Martin: "Where is the excitement gonna come from. We won't see another you in this lifetime. Thank you for everything Steve! :o("

Prince Royce: "RIP Steve Jobs. Took technology to another level! Changed the game."

Luis Fonsi: "May the creative genius Steve Jobs rest in peace…"

Eva Longoria: "My heart goes out for the family of Steve Jobs. What an inspiration he was to us all and a creative visionary for the world! You will be missed..."

Luis Enrique: "Steve Jobs, a great example of what a human being should be like RIP"

Lana Parrilla: "RIP Steve Jobs"

George Lopez: "Our Einstein has just passed .. “Farewell” Steve Jobs."

Alfredo Flores: "Great show but sad news after; RIP STEVE JOBS! Apple won't be the same. #ThankYouSteve for everything we all use everyday!"