What Has Latina Meant to You Throughout the Years?

1. Latina Meant to Me: Jennifer Lopez

In 1993, Christy Haubegger was a 24-year-old Stanford Law School graduate with a bold idea: to start the first magazine aimed at bicultural women like her. It would take her three years—and nearly 200 rejections!—to see her vision realized, with the 1996 debut of Latina (featuring a then-relatively unknown Jennifer Lopez on the cover).

Fast forward to 2012 and Latina is the definitive fashion, beauty, culture and lifestyle magazine for Latin women, creating a voice for the Latin community. Now we want to hear from you: What has Latina meant to you over the years? Tweet (@LatinaMagazine), pin (Pinterest.com/LatinaMagazine) or write your thoughts on our Facebook wall (Facebook.com/latinamagazine) and you might see it featured right here on Latina.com very soon!

And don’t forget to check out what some of your favorite celebs (and our cover stars!) have to say about us. Hey, who doesn’t like a compliment?

2. Latina Meant to Me: Ricky Martin

 "I'm very honored to be on the cover of Latina. It's an amazing magazine that represents our culture. It educates and it talks about who we are and what we're made of, but it also talks about life. You read about life, which is fantastic!”

-Ricky Martin

3. Latina Meant to Me: Eva Mendes

“I’m a big supporter of Latina Magazine—I'm not only in it, I’m actually a reader and a subscriber.”

-Eva Mendes

4. Latina Meant to Me: Christy Haubegger 1

“A number of years ago, I went to Spain and still remember seeing these cathedrals that took, like, 200 years to build, and I realized there had been people who put down stones in something they never lived to see completed. Much like that cathedral, we’re putting down first stones in this demographic shift that’s happening in America. I think to myself, Forty years from now, our grandchildren are going to ask, 'What was it like when you were a minority?' And I’m really proud that I might have played some small role in changing that. But it’s early days yet. We’ve got a lot more work to do.”

-Christy Haubegger, Latina Founder

5. Latina Meant to Me: JoAnna Garcia Swisher

“This is one of my favorite magazines & I love how beautiful and vibrant it is. And I love that it celebrates the Latina girl.”

-JoAnna Garcia Swisher

6. Latina Meant to Me: Christy Haubegger 2

“Five years from now, I’d like to see our high school completion rates and college enrollment rates go up. Also, we haven’t realized our political and economic capital, and we have to turn that around quickly; otherwise, we will have this enormous population without influence and impact.”

-Christy Haubegger, Latina Founder

7. Latina Meant to Me: Eva Longoria

"I grew up with Latina magazine, so to be honored by it and recognized by the audience it serves is really special to me. They've done such a great job at representing who we are as a community, what we like, what we want to hear, what we want to read and know about, and it's great to think I'm one of those things."

-Eva Longoria

8. Latina Meant to Me: Pitbull

“[Latina is sold out on newstands] because my mother and abuelita bought them all!” 


9. Latina Meant to Me: Christy Haubegger 3

“I love that American beauty—not Latina beauty, but American beauty—looks like Salma and Eva and Rosario. We didn’t have that 15 years ago.”

-Christy Haubegger, Latina Founder

10. Latina Meant to Me: Selena Gomez

“When I got the news I was going to be on the cover of Latina, I felt very Mexican—in a good way!”

-Selena Gomez

11. Latina Meant to Me: Shakira

“It’s great to do a cover with the Latina people because it’s a great team, they’re phenomenal. I’ve done a few other covers in the past and I always have a positive experience with them!”


12. Latina Meant to Me: Christy Haubegger 4

“I was at an event in L.A. and I met this young Latina college student. And I remember thinking that it was so great that this woman—who was in kindergarten when I launched the magazine!—has never known a world without Latina. She was just, like, of course we have a magazine for us! And I love that she can take that for granted.”

-Christy Haubegger, Latina Founder