Latina Editors React to Dolores Prida’s Passing

Rest in peace Dolores Prida. As we mourn the loss of one of the members of our Latina family, we also honor her strong spirit, creativity, and wisdom. Read on as our executive editor and former editors pay tribute to the legendary playwright and writer.

1. Editors Remember Dolores: Galina

Former Editoral Director, Galina Espinoza

“As the millions of fans of her widely-admired advice column, "Dolores Dice," know, Dolores was hilarious, brilliant, and opinionated. Now that you are gone, I cannot imagine who out there could possibly take your place.”

2. Editors Remember Dolores: Damarys

Executive Editor, Damarys Ocana

“In many ways, Dolores was the heart and soul of the magazine. I’m heartbroken she’s gone, but I’m happy that someone who spent her life working to highlight the accomplishments and power of the Latino community had one last night celebrating just that.”

3. Editors Remember Dolores: Sandra

Former Editor-in-Chief, Sandra Guzman

“It was one of the best decisions of my tenure at the magazine,” Guzman said about hiring Prida. “Dolores touched, healed and inspired many hearts through the column.”

4. Editors Remember Dolores: Betty

Former Editorial-in-Chief, Betty Cortina

“She was the original wise Latina.”