Broken Engagements: 10 Latinas Who Avoided Marital Mismatches

Breaking up is hard to do, especially when you were planning on getting hitched, but sometimes you just have to walk away from a situation when you see that it's heading nowhere good. Here are 10 Latina celebs who managed to avoid the biggest mistake they could've ever made:

1. Broken Engagements: Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb

The Colombian actress announced her split with Loeb over Memorial Day Weekend 2014. Vergara posted an image to her WhoSay account citing, "We have been having too many problems with figuring out how to spend time together" and "because of my work and now his, its been getting worse and worse, not fun anymore." The couple, who got engaged in 2012, had been in a relationship since 2010. Vergara has been reportedly vacationing with family since the split.

2. Broken Engagements: Naya Rivera and Big Sean

Naya Rivera and Big Sean

It was over almost as quickly as it began. The Glee star and her rapper boyfriend began dating in April 2013, after flirtatious Twitter exchanges. After six months of dating, the two revealed they were engaged. Unfortunately, that love didn't last much longer after that. In April 2014, news surfaced that they had called off their engagement.

3. Broken Engagements: Jessica Alba & Michael Weatherly

Jessica Alba and Michael Weatherly

Before her days with Cash Warren, Alba dated her Dark Angel co-star. The two began dating in 2000 and became engaged in 2001. But in 2003, Alba and Weatherly ended their engagement. In the end, it all worked out for both of them. Alba and Weatherly both found love elsewhere and are now married with children.

4. Broken Engagements: Zoe Saldana and Keith Britton

Zoe Saldana & Keith Britton

Zoe and Keith announced their split in 2011, ending a relationship that spanned over a decade. While the two had frequently been photographed at events together, Saldana basically refused to get into any details, ever, about her personal life during interviews, so no one really knew much about their affair. However, even we noticed red flags when after they announced their engagement in 2010, the actress never mentioned anything about planning for the big day, buying a dress, nada! At least they seemed to manage to remain friends. "Actress Zoe Saldana, 33 and Entrepreneur Keith Britton, 35 have amicably separated after eleven years,” a rep for Saldana told us at the time.

5. Broken Engagements: Kat Von D & Jesse James

Kat Von D & Jesse James

Everyone just seemed to be counting down the days for this relationship to fail. James was, literally, public enemy number one after he cheated on America’ Sweetheart Sandra Bullock and embroiled the actress in a sex scandal just weeks after she was on top of the world with her first ever Academy Award win. But Kat was willing to look beyond his sordid past (unfortunately for her then-boyfriend Nikki Sixx) and they were soon declaring their love on Twitter and were eventually engaged. They split yesterday with James claiming the distance between them (she lives in LA, he lives in Austin, TX) was too difficult to surmount.

6. Broken Engagements: Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck

These two were EVERYWHERE for a while in 2002 and 2003, it felt like you couldn’t turn on a TV, go to a movie or listen to the radio without hearing about “Bennifer,” and eventually all of the media exposure took a toll on their relationship. Affleck proposed in September of 2002 with a $1.2 million, 6.1-carat pink diamond stunner. The two ended up calling it quits a few months after getting cold and postponing their scheduled September, 2003 nuptials. "We didn't anticipate the degree to which it would sort of metastasize and become this gigantic story," Ben Affleck later complained of all the media attention.

7. Broken Engagements: Shakira & Antonio de la Rua

Shakira & Antonio de la Rua

If an engagement lasts more than 10 years, the chance of it actually culminating in a wedding seems to get slimmer and slimmer. Though Antonio de la Rua popped the big question to Shakira back in 2001, the Colombian singer never seemed in a rush to head down the aisle and eventually began to tell reporters that she wanted to remain de la Rua’s “forever girlfriend”—that is, until she met FC Barcelona soccer hottie Gerard Pique on set of her music video for the 2011 World Cup anthem “Waka, Waka.”

8. Broken Engagements: Daisy Fuentes & Matt Goss

Daisy Fuentes & Matt Goss

Old love dies hard, and Fuentes longtime fiancé Matthew Goss learned that the hard way, unfortunately. Though Fuentes and Goss lived together for almost 10 years and had plans to get married, everything went sour when Fuentes was reunited with her old flame Luis Miguel in 2010. She and Miguel dated in the 1990s before he unceremoniously dumped her for Mariah Carey, but she seemingly forgave him enough to leave Goss and breakup her never-ending engagement. "We had a long and loving relationship," Goss said at the time. "This came as a shock especially when you think you really know someone."

9. Broken Engagements: Nicole Richie & DJ AM

Nicole Richie & DJ AM

Nicole Richie seemed very in love with DJ AM (aka Adam Goldstein) but it seemed she loved her sobriety more when she called it quits with the hard partying celebrity DJ. Though the two were engaged to be married in 2005 after dating for a year, Richie eventually left for good in May of 2006. She then moved on with Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden and the two are now happily married with two beautiful children—but Nicole was still reportedly "devastated" when Goldstein passed away of an overdose in 2009.

10. Broken Engagements: JoAnna Garcia & Trace Ayala

JoAnna Garcia & Trace Ayala

Poor Juan “Trace” Ayala, Justin Timberlake’s best bud has been left at the altar not once, but twice! After two years of dating, Ayala and Garcia were engaged to be married in 2008, but eventually called off their engagement after just a few months. A couple of years prior, Ayala was engaged to marry 24 star Elisha Cuthbert but called off that engagement amid allegations of cheating.  His breakup with Garcia was less salacious, but sources at the time told the tabloids, "Trace was unbelievably upset about it."