Latin Explosions—Our Favorite Fireworks Moments in Entertainment

Here are our favorite explosive moments in the world of Latino entertainment since the inception of Latina. Tell us what you think we missed!

1. Latin Explosions: Selena

Selena, a biopic on the life of the murdered Tejano singer, helps launch Jennifer Lopez’s career. She is the first Latina to get paid $1 million for a movie.

2. Latin Explosions: Ricky Martin

Puerto Rican Ricky Martin blows away the audience at the 41st Grammys when he sings La Copa de la Vida (The Cup of Life)—and yes, gyrates those hips. The five-minute performance brings Latin pop into the mainstream US consciousness.

3. Latin Explosions: Dora

Dora the Explorer debuts on Nick Jr., giving a whole generation of kids a bilingual Latina role model.

4. Latin Explosions: Jennifer Lopez

Lopez becomes the first actress-singer to have a film (The Wedding Planner) and an album (J.Lo) at number one in the same week.

5. Latin Explosions: Gasolina

The utterly infectious Gasolina, sung by Boricua Daddy Yankee, fuels reggaeton’s rise in the U.S.

6. Latin Explosions: Ugly Betty

Ugly Betty debuts on ABC, thanks to Mexican producer Salma Hayek, who helped persuade ABC that a telenovela can translate well into an English-language comedy. The show is a smash hit, making America Ferrera a star.

7. Latin Explosions: Pitbull

Pitbull brings a new wave of the Latino explosion to American pop music with his album Planet Pit! Bringing the first ever Latino domination to the Today Show concert series with his performance alongside Marc Anthony of “Rain Over Me”.

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