7 Things You Need to Know This Morning

TK Things You Need to Know This Morning

1. The New England Patriots won Super Bowl LI, making the biggest comeback in the sport’s history in a suspenseful overtime run against the Atlanta Falcons.

The team wasn’t the only winner of the night, though – Lady Gaga took the stage for an epic halftime performance, singing some of her best hits including “Born This Way” and “The Edge of Glory”. When she wasn’t flying through the air, she was singing to the hearts of every community – from LGBT to women and everyone in between. (USA Today)

2. Kristen Stewart hosted this week's episode of Saturday Night Live and proved that tweets really are forever. Alec Baldwin returned to play President Trump yet again, while Melissa McCarthy made a surprise appearance as Sean Spicer. (NYT)

3. Selena Gomez and The Weeknd took their relationship to new levels with an usual date. Gomez accompanied the rapper to the birth of his manager's baby, as seen in some uncovered Instagrams. (Seventeen)

4. Nancy Pelosi is standing her ground against President Trump: The House democratic leader explains she wants to know what the Russians have on him, even suggesting an FBI investigation on the issue. (The Hill)

5. Three original Hamilton cast members took it upon themselves to change the lyrics to "America the Beautiful". The actresses, who play the Schuyler sisters, were received with big cheers from the crowd upon singing the song. (NBC News)

6. Lin-Manuel Miranda penned a lengthy op-ed, explaining how John Leguizamo inspired him to own his Latino-ness in the industry. (Vanity Fair)

7. Netflix-ers, rejoice: Stranger Things will return this year on Halloween, and luckily, a sneak peek has already been released. Watch below. (Hollywood Reporter)