EXCLUSIVE: La La Vazquez on Working Out & Working with Judd Apatow

La La Vazquez has all the right moves! Besides releasing her new cosmetics line "Motives for La La," the Puerto Rican reality star is shining in her movie career and already has a mega-hit under her belt with the success of Think Like a Man. We sat down with the famous basketball wife to chat about her favorite workout routine, best style tips, and more at the Dr. Scholl's "Get Up And Go" event in NYC. Check it all out below:

This campaign is all about staying active. What are your favorite workout routines?

"Being a mom, I feel like I’m just naturally active having to chase a 5-year-old around (laughs). But for me, it’s all about enjoying your workout routine. I have recently taken up boxing and I love it! It’s so therapeutic for me."

What’s your workout tip for women who are struggling to find the motivation to hit the gym?

"Everybody’s not into working out, but you just have to find something you like to do. It can even be walking around the city. You don’t have to hit the gym. You can find basic workouts in your everyday routine. I think that for women, it should be all about being healthy. We just have to find better ways to keep ourselves active."

You have gotten so much positive reaction for your role in Think Like a Man. What was your reaction when you heard how well it has done in the box office?

"I was so happy and thrilled! I’m just so honored to be part of such an amazing project. It was number one for two weekends in a row and knocked off the Hunger Games…that’s just unreal. I’m just glad to be a part of the cast."

Have you already started looking at new movie roles?

"Absolutely. I’ve been working really hard auditioning for new roles and trying to figure out what my next movie is going to be. I’m a huge Judd Apatow fan. I would give anything to work with him! I would give my right arm and leg probably to work with him. So someway or somehow I’m going to make my way to that goal."

We all know you are so close to your mother. What are your plans for mother’s day coming up?

"Yes, she is here with me today and actually getting her feet rubbed in the back! (laughs). I love my mom. We spend a lot of time together so we will definitely do something special, but I don’t think I just have to show her love on that day. It’s all about how you treat her whenever you get to spend time with her. It’s so important to honor our mothers."

What has been the best mother’s day gift yor son Kiyan has gotten you?

"At five years old you just want a card that they drew with love. To me those kinds of gifts mean more than something you can just go buy. I love keeping that stuff and will cherish it forever."

You can catch La La Vazquez on VH1's La La's Full Court Life on Mondays at 9pm.