La La On Landing Her First Internship at 16: ‘I Had My Friend Make Me a Fake ID’


La La Anthony, actress, producer, and fashion collaborator, is proof that a fake ID doesn’t have to be used to get your drink and two-step on in the club. While most teens were busy doing homework and scheming on ways to get into Atlanta’s most poppin’ hot spots, Latina’s winter edition cover star was thinking of a master plan.

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What was on the future multihyphenate's agenda? Landing a radio internship at WQHT-FM, 97.1 in ATL. She got the coveted gig by telling a little white lie about her age.

According to Fast Company, the ambitious teen took matters into her own hands. “I was 16,” La La told the outlet. “I lied and said I was 18. You had to be 18 years old to be a part of the internship program, and I had my friend make me a fake ID.”

Her first big break came with a grueling work schedule. There were times when she would work the 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. shift and get off and go straight to school. “It was really crazy but it was worth it,” she recalled.


“Hard work pays off. There was nothing that I wouldn’t do as an intern. I was working for free, obviously,” she said in the “WorkWise” video for Fast Company.  “I hoped that someone would take notice and luckily someone did. I give all praises to the radio because that’s where it started.”

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Kiyan's mom also gave credit to those early jobs that she had working in Baskin-Robbins and at a tattoo shop for teaching her accountability and the importance of being on time. It seems like La La was destined to blaze trails and create her own lane even back then.