La La's Birthday: The Many Faces of Reality TV's Biggest Player

Happy Birthday to the wonderful La La Anthony, who turns 34 today!

One of Hollywood’s busiest Latinas ceases to amaze us. We don’t know how the Boricua beauty juggles being a career woman, wife, mom, dear friend, etc, but she does - and she does it flawlessly. Aided by her hyper-active Instagram, we decided to show you the many faces of La La Anthony. Enjoy:

1. La La Anthony Birthday: Mother

Loving Mami

La La is such a great mom to son Kiyan Anthony. In this adorable photo from her Instagram profile, the reality TV star wrote a special message to her first child: “Thank YOU for choosing me. I never knew a love like this until I met you, Kiyan. #mothersday.” So sweet - there's nothing greater than a mother's love for her child.

2. La La Anthony Birthday: Wife

Loving Wife

As busy she is with her own business ventures, La La is always a supportive wife to New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony. She is often seen cheering on her basketball star hubby at his games. The couple met through mutual friend DJ Clue and got engaged on Christmas Day in 2004. Their long-awaited marriage ceremony took place on July 10, 2010 at NYC’s ritzy Cipriani’s

3. La La Anthony Birthday: Fashionista

Fashion Forward

La La is a true fashionista. She rarely hits the streets without looking completely on point. Even with her more casual looks (such as in this picture), she’s always well put together.

4. La La Anthony Birthday: Friend

Good Friend

La La has a large pack of famous girlfriends, including Alicia Keys, Kerry Washington (both pictured here), Kim Kardashian, and Loren Ridinger. She always makes time for her girls, which we love to see!

5. La La Anthony Birthday: Cousin

Supportive Cuzzo

La La adores her cousin Candice “Dice” Dixon, who can be seen in plenty of hilarious shenanigans with the reality TV star on La La’s Full Court Life.

6. La La Anthony Birthday: Fitness

Fitness Buff

How La La has time to work out is beyond us, but the reality TV star dedicates a lot of time to the gym. Here she is on Day 54 of her ’60 Days of Fitness’ challenge, which she adopted from her famous rapper friend The Game.

7. La La Anthony Birthday: Beach

Beach Babe

La La makes going to the beach look like a glamorous magazine photo shoot. Here she is pictured in all her hotness with the Instagram caption: “Loving the beach in Puerto Rico!”

8. La La Anthony Birthday: Movie Star

Movie Star

La La Anthony stars in things, ya'll. Here, she blows kisses to the camera while shooting the film Baggage Claim. “Having the best time!!!” the ecstatic La La wrote on Instagram, along with this photo. “This movie is going to be GOOD!” FYI: Baggage Claim drops in theaters on Sept. 27, 2013.

9. La La Anthony Birthday: Nails

Nail Art Fanatic

La La is known for posting occasional nailfies on social media – her nails are always polished with fresh coats and cute designs. But she doesn’t want you to judge her for this Sesame Street-inspired nail art, which was endorsed by her son Kiyan. “Kiyan picked these can I say no to that little boy!” the funny mom wrote.

10. La La Anthony Birthday: Daughter

Loving Daughter

La La is extremely close to her mother, Carmen Surillo. With this intimate black-and-white photo, La La writes: “Love u Mommy! #purelove #thankful.”

11. La La Anthony Birthday: TV

True Television Darling

Ever since her MTV VJ days, La La has maintained her position as one of TV’s greatest darlings. Here, the reality TV star is pictured with The Today Show’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. La La also served as a special guest co-host on The View earlier this year. TV still can’t get enough of her.

12. La La Anthony Birthday: Jewelry

Jewelry Fanatic

What woman doesn’t love a beautiful piece of jewelry? Here, La La shows her fans her fierce bracelet. “My LOVE bracelet...what does love mean to you???” she asks her Instagram followers

13. La La Anthony Birthday: Bookworm


Despite how hectic her schedule is, La La makes sure to get plenty of reading time in. She brought along Rhonda Byrne’s bestselling self-help book to a Miami trip – it was her second time reading the book.

14. La La Anthony Birthday: Citizen

Responsible Citizen

Here, a proud La La shows off her support for Barack Obama before he was re-elected last year. “Vote Obama!!! @barackobama!” wrote the reality TV star. “Every vote COUNTS! RT!”

15. La La Anthony Birthday: Sister

Loving Sister

La La is really tight with her brother, Diego. “Just want my brother @_akaberg to know how much I love & appreciate him #familyOverEverything,” wrote the stunning La La on Instagram. The reality TV star is also a proud aunt to Diego’s son, Mekai Samuel Vazquez.