EXCLUSIVE: La La Anthony Talks Beauty, Exercise & Her Favorite New Low-Cal Cocktail

On that end, how do you keep in such amazing shape? We know you’re also busy raising a family, acting [in the recent Baggage Claim], so how do you find the time to stay fit?

The truth is sometimes I do fall off, like sometimes it’s too much to maintain but I always find my way back. I just recently found my way back. You know, you have to make it a priority. I do like to look good but also I want to be healthy so I can be around for my son. For me it’s about looking good but it’s also about having a healthy lifestyle. I’m glad that I’m back. I love to box, boxing is my workout, so I’m definitely back on that.

What about in terms of eating? What kind of food do you eat to keep the weight off?

Well, if I’m trying to be good, definitely egg whites and salads and fish and baked chicken. I always say that we all know what we are supposed to eat when we are trying to lose weight, it’s all just a matter of staying consistent with that.

What about your beauty routine? What does that consist of?

I have my own make up line--so I use that all the time. My beauty routine really consists of making sure that I take all my makeup off at night. A lot of times you’re so tired that you don’t want to do it but you don’t realize the kind of damage makeup has on your skin when you sleep in it. That’s definitely something I do every night.

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