La Comay Puppeteer Kobbo Santarrosa Quits SuperXclusivo

According to Puerto Rican news sources, puppeteer Kobbo Santarrosa, the man behind the popular (and controversial) SuperXclusivo show and the face behind the La Comay puppet, quit the show after refusing to accept new guidelines imposed by WAPA TV.

Santarrosa reportedly felt he was being censored after WAPA president Joe Ramos required all his shows to be pre-recorded instead of broadcast live. Ramos made the decision on a December 20, 2012 segment of HuffPost Live (see below).

According to Puerto Rican newspaper Primera Hora, Santarrosa quit Monday, but the station’s management didn’t accept his resignation and tried to pursuade him to renew his contract, which expired on New Year’s Eve. Tuesday's show was a rerun of the previous day.

The popular gossip show was recently boycotted after Santarrosa made comments implying that publicist José Enrique Gomez Saladín, who was recently murdered, was responsible for his own death. The brutal murder sparked a huge movement on the island to stand up against violence and influenced several advertisers to pull their ads from the show.