Here's What Kim Kardashian Had to Say About Those Blackface Accusations


The Kardashian-Jenner clan doesn’t do much without causing some type of controversy and when Kim Kardashian West launched her KKW Beauty line back in June, it was business as usual. Upon releasing the brand’s promo photos, which featured none other than Kim K herself, the Internet immediately noticed how much darker the reality star-turned-mogul’s skin appeared and she was swiftly accused of donning blackface.

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That moment in history was relived on the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, where viewers got to see how Kim reacted when those comments first began to pour in.


KKWBEAUTY.COM is now live!!!!

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In the clip, the contour queen tells her assistant: “People are saying I’m doing blackface. I did a photoshoot, there were some people online saying the photos were inappropriate.” 

She also says to the camera, “The photos ended up being a little bit darker than I was and people online were saying I was doing blackface and the photos were inappropriate. The Internet world is just so toxic and I feel like people are just waiting for you to make a mistake just to point it out.”


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Then, to further explain herself, Kim calls Jen Cohan, the chief digital officer at Jenner Communications and said she wanted the photos fixed. “I get it, I was super tanned,” she says. “The lighting was really moody so I get why people might say that, but I don't want to give people the reason to say anything negative. I would never in a million years be disrespectful and do that.”

And there we have it. What do you think? Did Kim just accidentally go a little too hard on the self-tanner?