Kim Kardashian Must Be Relieved! 17 People Arrested in Connection to her Paris Robbery

Kim Kardashian 17 People Arrested
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Kim Kardashian must be breathing a sigh of relief. 

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French police have arrested 17 people in connection to her Paris armed robbery in October. The police arrested people throughout Paris and other cities after having them under surveillance for weeks, according to People. Under French law, the suspects can be held for up to 96 hours and have already been brought in for questioning by magistrates. 

One of the suspects was allegedly found because of DNA left on one of Kardashian's stolen pieces of jewelry that was dropped trying to getaway. DNA left in the hotel where she was staying was also used to find another suspect. 

Kardashian was in Paris for Fashion Week when on Oct. 3 she was bound, gagged and locked in a bathroom by five armed, masked men who had forced their way into her hotel room. The robbers got away with $10 million worth of jewelry, including her engagement ring, and two cell phones. The French police reportedly has informed the reality star's legal team that there is little to no chance of getting the ring back. Kardashian took a step back from the spotlight by stopping production on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and taking a three-month break from social media and events. 

"'They're going to shoot me in the back. There's no way out,'" Kim says in a new promo for KUWTK. "It makes me so upset to think about it."

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We hope Kardashian is able to get the rest of her items back and that justice is served.