Kevin Jonas is on Team Demi and Selena

It's officially war, bitches! Kevin Jonas, the eldest of the Jonas Brothers trio, took a firm stance in the Selena/Demi vs. Mandy/Miley battle on Sunday, but showing off a T-shirt saying "Team Demi and Selena" to waiting paparazzi outside of his New York City hotel room.

It's no wonder the eldest Jonas is siding with the Latina BFFs—his younger bro Nick has all but admitted to be dating Selena, while Nick's ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus has been crassly spilling details about their past relationship (and quite a few digs at Selena) to the media.

We have to admit we are loving all this teen drama. When we were in high school, we had to rely on the school's biggest gossip to spread nasty rumors about our enemies, but these kids have hundreds of paparazzi and the entire blogosphere at their disposal.

Team Demi and Selena 4 Ever!