Exclusive: Kenia Ontiveros Dishes on Her Pregnancy & How She Revealed It to Larry (+ Clip of This Sunday's Larrymania Episode!)

Larrymania Kenia Ontiveros's Pregnant, Larry Hernandez

How did you think Larry would react to the news?

I was nervous to tell him. As you’ll see in the episode I gave him a card during a dinner in New York. When he opened it, he was very surprised but then he became so excited and it was a very special moment.

How has this pregnancy been different from your first with Daleyza?

With Daleyza it was all so much calmer, everything was very nice because she didn’t move too much. This baby moves all day and all night. With this pregnancy I’ve been more tired and my feet get swollen. I can’t go for walks because I get fatigued easily. None of this happened with my first pregnancy.

Daleyza must be very excited to become a big sister! Has she said whether she hopes for a boy or a girl?

When we first told Daleyza, she didn’t really understand. She looked at my stomach and she really didn’t see anything. Soon after she started to be mad at me; she would throw tantrums, so she didn’t take it very well at the beginning. When I started showing, she would ask me why my stomach looked that way. I would respond 'Because I have a baby inside!' and then she would say, 'Oh okay, I too have a baby inside.' I’d say, 'No, you don’t have a baby inside your tummy. Mommy has a baby in her tummy.' Then I’d ask her if she'd want a little brother or a little sister and she would say, 'A little sister.' She’s always said that and now that she sees me with my baby bump she gives it kisses and she says 'I love you very much baby.'