Exclusive: Kenia Ontiveros Dishes on Her Pregnancy & How She Revealed It to Larry (+ Clip of This Sunday's Larrymania Episode!)

Larrymania Kenia Ontiveros's Pregnant, Larry Hernandez

Have you experienced any weird cravings?

The strangest cravings I’ve had that I’ve never had before are fast food, junk food: pizzas, tacos, burgers, and curly fries.  That’s what I would crave the most when I first got pregnant.  I’d eat it like I had never in my life eaten a hamburger or pancakes—really unhealthy food. I didn’t eat vegetables or fruits because that would make me nauseous.

Larry’s mom Manuela must be excited to have another grandchild on the way. Has she been supportive during your pregnancy?

Manuela and I get along great.  Now that I’m pregnant, she has more patience and is more attentive, and “me cumple mis antojitos.”  Not sure how you would translate that??  She spoils me, or she supports me wwith all my cravings?

Larry likes to portray this tough guy image but we know he’s a sweetheart on the inside! How is he catering to you during your pregnancy?

Larry is always great with me but now that I’m pregnant, “tambien me cumple mis antojitos” and he takes care of me.  He wakes me up early with breakfast ready since I normally I sleep in.  He kisses my belly all the time and asks it “are you a boy or a girl?”  He sings to the baby, which I think is so special.  Whenever I’m tired he massages my feet.  

When he found out I was pregnant during a trip to New York, he protected my belly so much whenever I was in crowded places.  I also found it so special that when we were on a Statue of Liberty site seeing ferry ride he saw that I was cold so he took his socks off and put them on my feet so I wouldn’t get cold and perhaps catch a cold.  You’ll see all of this in this upcoming episode.

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