Exclusive: Kenia Ontiveros Dishes on Her Pregnancy & How She Revealed It to Larry (+ Clip of This Sunday's Larrymania Episode!)

Larrymania Kenia Ontiveros's Pregnant, Larry Hernandez

Just when you thought the life of Larry Hernandez couldn’t get anymore hectic, we find out this week that his longtime girlfriend Kenia Ontiveros is pregnant with their second child! The storyline plays out in front of the Larrymania cameras, the hit mun2 reality program that follows the life—both on and off camera—of the Mexican superstar.

We had the pleasure of catching up with Larry during his promotional tour in Miami to talk about the baby news. But the voice we rarely hear from in media channels is Kenia’s. So what better time to talk to her than ahead of Sunday’s episode where she nervously confesses to Larry that she is expecting! Check out a clip of the episode below and see what Kenia had to say:


Latina: Congratulations on the new baby! What went through your mind when you first found out?

Kenia: When I saw the pregnancy exam results I became super nervous which is why my reaction was to scream. It’s something that I didn’t expect. I expected to see one line, not too two lines, which means you’re pregnant. So it was something that caught me by surprise. This is why I didn’t want to do the exam because I was afraid. I asked myself ‘What if I am pregnant? Am I prepared?’