Kate del Castillo Opens Up About Her Divorce for First Time

For the first time, Kate del Castillo has spoken out about her divorce from Aarón Díaz. The 38-year-old Mexican actress, who stars in Without Men alongside Eva Longoria, told the hosts of El Gordo y la Flaca that she and the 29-year-old Mexican actor love one another very much. “Simply, our lives went to different places,” the actress said.

Kate del Castillo and Aarón Díaz Confirm Break Up

Del Castillo was also brutally honest when she expressed her thoughts on the media coverage of her split with the handsome actor, insisting they never cheated on each other. “I have tons of male friends who I’m sure they [media] will see me with and he [Díaz] will also be seen with a lot of female friends and its completely irrelevant," she said. “They just saw me at a café with one of the Spanish men who I work with and so they follow you because of course, now I'm with him. It's very stupid."

Kate del Castillo & Aarón Díaz Support Each Other Through Divorce

After two years of marriage, Del Castillo and Díaz confirmed the news of their split last month via Twitter. Rumors of marital trouble had swirled the former couple for months. The long distance kept between them due to their work schedules was one rumor, strengthened by an interview that Del Castillo’s father had with a television show last month. Eric del Castillo described his daughter’s marriage as “not normal” on the Spanish-language program Primero Noticias because of the time she spent apart from Díaz.

Rumors Continue to Plague Kate del Castillo & Hubby Aarón Díaz

Even so, both Del Castillo and Díaz have expressed only beautiful things about one another via their social networks. During her interview on El Gordo y la Flaca, Del Castillo said the only thing she and her ex-hubby have to divide is their house. "There doesn’t need to be anything bad behind a breakup," she added. Well said, Kate!