Kate del Castillo: “I Won’t Have a Baby Just Because I Got Married”

Kate del Castillo doesn’t believe having children is a requirement of marriage. The star of Telemundo’s megahit telenovela La Reina del Sur shared her feelings on motherhood in this month’s InStyle Mexico.  Despite having much respect and admiration for mothers, del Castillo, who is married to (super hottie actor) Aaron Diaz, said she is unsure whether she wants to join them in child-rearing.  “Being a mother seems like a very big responsibility and one that I am not sure I would like to take,” the Mexican actress admits.

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The 38-year-old del Castillo said she was very independent and enjoys each moment with her husband to the fullest.  The couple’s moments are limited, however, due to their hectic schedules – last month we reported on Diaz’s thoughts concerning his relationship with his wife.  “Our lives involve many trips and many accumulated miles,” he lamented at the time.  The main problem seems to be that Diaz is more excited at the prospect of becoming a parent than Kate is, but he is clearly willing to wait.  “It’s not something we want to do at the moment,” he said when asked if he was looking forward to becoming a father. Hmmm, we hope this doesn’t become a bigger issue for the telenovela power couple.

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