Kate del Castillo & Aarón Díaz Support Each Other Through Divorce

Despite having recently announced that they were ending their marriage, Kate del Castillo and Aarón Díaz have decided to stay friends and support each other through their breakup. Díaz, who stars in Mexican telenovela Teresa, told Agencia México that he and del Castillo are there for one another. “Like we said in the press release, we are supporting one another a lot, which makes it easier,” Diaz clarified. 

Kate del Castillo and Aarón Díaz Confirm Break Up

When pushed by reporters about the reason behind the split, the 29-year-old actor kept mum. But Díaz has said the breakup was not easy for him and what is most important is that he and del Castillo are okay, with the support of their loving fans.

Rumors Continue to Plague Kate del Castillo an Aarón Díaz

The couple formally split last week, after months of rumors plagued their long-distance relationship.  Eric del Castillo (Kate’s father) even put in his two cents during a television interview, saying the couple’s marriage was “not normal” due to the fact that they rarely saw each other.  Del Castillo, the star of telenovela La Reina del Sur, took to Twitter to confirm the news last Tuesday.  “Aaron has been the best man I have ever had and will continue to be, which is why we have decided to separate—to keep loving one another forever,” wrote the 38-year-old actress.