Kat Von D Cancels Promo Tour for 'LA Ink'

Kat Von D took to Facebook to apologize to fans for canceling her promotional tour for her reality series L.A. Ink in the wake of her very public post-break up with Jesse James.

Kat Von D and Jesse James Part Ways

In a rather long note, Von D wrote, “Although my intentions were never to offend or hurt anyone's feelings, this isn't an apology for walking out on a silly morning show interview this morning—and this isn't an attempt at justifying anything either. I don't expect people to understand, just like I can't expect myself to be able to please everyone at all times.”

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So she isn’t apologizing for abandoning her Good Morning L.A. interview, but she is making it clear that her promotional tour for L.A. Ink is cancelled indefinitely. “Tomorrow the new season of LA Ink starts and I admit I'm not strong enough to do all the press I committed to doing for the show. Today was a perfect example of that,” she admitted.

The star, who has been sober for five years, said she just was not strong enough to handle all of the media scrutiny. “As much as I'd like to picture me being this strong, independent woman, the truth is most of the time I'm not as strong as I'd like to be—but I'm still trying.”